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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yes, my kids ate cereal for dinner

The other day a friend asked me what we had for dinner the night before.
I thought a minute, snapped my fingers, and said 'cereal!'
Her mouth dropped open in shock and she looked at me like I had toilet paper stuck to my forehead.  I swiped at my forehead discreetly, and said 'What?'
'You had cereal for dinner.  The kind from a box.'
What other kind is there, I thought to myself.  'Yep.  The kind with all those essential vitamins and minerals.  I also added some dairy in the form of milk.  You know, to help them grow strong bones.'
She was still staring at me, and her expression was now one that consisted more of derision than shock.  'What about vegetables?'
I wanted to laugh.  Unless I hide them in smoothies and cookies, or count ketchup as a vegetable, my kids are not really fond of the vegetable variety of food.  Gwen even thinks she is allergic to anything green, as long as it's not mint.  As in mint chocolate chip ice-cream.  I do my best, but my kids don't always eat what I make for them.  Except for cereal, of course.
As she continued to stare at me, I wondered if this was another one of my 'Mom Fails.'  You know, the kind when you forget to pick up the poster board for their big project due the next day, or send them to school without lunch, or lunch money for that matter.  Something I know nothing about firsthand of course, but I'm sure it happens to some people.
I recalled the day before, trying to remember why we wound up having cereal for dinner...

As usual the alarm clock went off way too early.  Anything before 6am is way too early, unless it's going off for trout fishing, or leaving on a vacation.  This was neither.  I didn't want to get up, and had to shove a chubby foot out of my face in order to roll out of bed.  Another night when Callie decided to crawl into my bed, steal my covers, and kick me in the eye.
Finally looking at the clock, I realize that I'm going to be late.
After joining the land of the living, I got the kids up and we all proceeded to get ready for work/school/daycare.  I remember my work clothes were in the washing machine, I had forgotten to put them in the dryer the night before.  Great.
As I head for the stairs Miss Callie runs to her room and says she wants to wear a bathing suit to school.  Remembering that a good parent gives her choices, I tell her 'Go put on anything BUT a bathing suit.'  And feeling proud of my mommy skills I traipse downstairs only to trip over a doll baby and crumple in a heap at the bottom.  Nice.
Once I get there Lex thrusts papers at me that are the length of the declaration of independence.  Apparently I didn't see them the night before because they were buried in the bottom of his backpack, and they had a scrawled sticky note from the teacher that said 'DUE TOMORROW'.  I was falling behind in my parent homework.
As I sat down to read and sign the papers, Gwen came running over asking me to fix her French braid that I put in the night before.  It 'fell out' when she was combing it.  As if braids are meant to be combed.  But I sighed and reached for the comb, and a pen, and continued to fill out papers while braiding hair.  Not an easy feat let me tell you.  But I was managing.
Then Miss Callie reappeared wearing an outfit that would make Miley Cyrus proud.  A tiny cropped shirt that must have come from one of her baby dolls, and a pair of too-small capris, none of which were even remotely the same color.  Or even remotely fit.  I sighed.  So much for giving her choices.
I finished up Gwen's hair, remembered my work clothes, and ran in the laundry room to switch out clothes.
I was really going to be late now.
Then I looked at the clock and remembered Hunter.  Ooops!
I ran upstairs and woke him up before he missed the bus.  It was a mad dash out the door where he grabbed something from the fridge for lunch and took off.  Disaster averted.
Until I realized he had taken MY lunch box to school.  Now I have to make another lunch or take Hunter's.  As I look at his soggy peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I shake my head.  No way.
I finish Lex's documents, get them all ready to go, and get a more suitable outfit for Callie.  I decide I can't wait on my work clothes, and throw them on, slightly wrinkled and damp.  Oh well, it's not a fashion show anyway.  I picture the guy who wears elastic pants every day.  I have to at least look better than he does.
Finally, I'm getting in the car and backing down the driveway.  Then I remember that it's trash day.  Getting back out of my car I go through the process of pulling out recycling and trash, and continue on my way.  After daycare drop-off, I realize that I'm probably going to get to work about lunchtime.  But at least I'll get there.
Settling myself in at work, feeling a bit more orientated, elastic pants guy walks past and appears to snicker at my wrinkled pants.  Great.
As I sigh, I remember that I forgot to put the chicken in the crockpot.  And haven't been to the grocery store in over a week.
I run through the list of things we can eat at the house.  Ketchup, mayonnaise, crackers, bananas, cereal, chicken broth...
And I settle on cereal.

So as my friend stares at me, I try to sum up guilty feelings.  But I just can't.  I tell her the next time she feels sorry for my kiddos for eating a bowl of cereal for dinner, she can bring over a pizza.  Extra dairy, and hold on the veggies.

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