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Welcome to the hectic years

Hi, I'm Mindi.

And this is our Hectic Life.

Friday, February 4, 2011

P52 - Week 5


I don't know if it's the ice, the bitter cold wind, or the cloudy days, but I have been feeling rather disillusioned these last couple of weeks. It's been difficult to be around me because instead of seeing the ray of hope (the robin on the tree signaling that spring really isn't too far away), I see the layer of ice on the branches of the tree. Ice that it seems will never melt away.


But I know from experience that it is possible to change your mood, your outlook, by making the decision to change.
So one day this week, surrounded by an ice storm and sick children, I decided that enough was enough. The bad mood had to go.
And although next morning dawned with Gwen running a fever, and our world was still glazed with a slight coat of ice, it also promised something brighter. Because for the first time in a long time, I got to see the sun shining off of that ice.


Two little boys followed me outside, and had a blast sliding across the icy yard.





Even Artemis liked running on top of the ice.


And as the day wore on, Gwen got the shine back in her eyes. Her fever was long gone and she was starting to get hungry.


So at the end of a long day, I made a special banana pudding recipe while the kids watched wipeout and Callie snagged 'nini' pieces as I cut them.


It was a good day, made better by my decision to see the sunshine coming through the trees. I hope that tomorrow the sun makes an encore appearance.


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