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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Weeks In Photos

To try and describe the last two weeks would take an eternity. So I'm just going to sum them up in a handful of photos, that don't nearly do it justice but include the things that I would like to remember.

There were the hours and hours put into getting our master bathroom finished to a point that we could get a re-finance loan. Although it's not quite done (hence, no before/after pics yet), the kids donned their swimsuits and took a bath in purple water. They were pretty thrilled.


There was weather warm enough for hulu hooping


And bubbles


Friendly inch worms


Dancing in the bubbles


Getting up early for work/school, and pigtails that never stay in



Homemade strawberry/cheese danishes


A much needed trip to the Children's museum with dinosaurs, mirrors, Egypt, Dora and Diego, and so many other activities that I can't begin to describe. Since we got a family membership (with military discount!) we'll be headed back several more times this year.

(Look how many times Callie is in this photo!)



Waiting for rock wall tickets


Getting excited


Making it to the top!! A real rock wall, I'm not sure I could have made it up :) It was much higher than my camera makes it seem.



Visiting Egypt



Callie getting tired in Dora/Diego land


The awesome dinosaurs


Lex letting us know that he was done for the day


I was done for the day as well. For the week. The past two weeks have been so incredibly busy and stressful, including everything from a car wreck (Kevin, thankfully he's okay but his truck is not), to the threat of losing a program I've worked on for years.

I'm watching a thunderstorm outside right now, hoping and praying that the coming week is free of stress and filled with a lot of fun. We all need a break :)


Sarah March 1, 2011 at 3:52 AM  

I missed seeing your pictures last week. I know I don't comment often (am trying to be better at it), but I am always excited to see what is happening in your life. And it is a good reminder for me to pray. (As is a week when I wonder where you are.)
I am so sorry to hear about Kevin's accident. Will pray that this week is a better one.
Also, Hunter is so big. It is totally ridiculous, really. I remember when he was tiny! He and Gwen really are such big kids!

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