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Welcome to the hectic years

Hi, I'm Mindi.

And this is our Hectic Life.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March

For the blog, I've been slacking. But in my real life I've been busier than ever, while my head is spinning with thousands of ideas/inspirations.
I want to homeschool my kids.
I want to build a porch rail.
I want to paint my kitchen cabinets. Wait, I want NEW cabinets. Bisque color, with dark counters.
I want a bigger kitchen window.
My garden needs tilled.
I want to take the kids roller skating.
I need to find my softball glove so I can practice with Gwen.
And that is just the tip of the iceburg.
But that's okay, I have three days coming up in which to start tackling a few of my projects (including finally building my laundry basket dresser), close on our refinance loan, take the kids roller skating, plant some climbing roses, and start a new photo book.
It's going to be a fun, but very busy, weekend :)

One quick photo, with ALL FOUR IN IT!!



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