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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Color

I still need to fix my previous color post, and explain how I did it, but for now I'm going to quickly show the results of a new 'toy' that I got from Amazon. I heard about something similar through a friend, a tool to use for custom WB. I decided to go the cheap router and only paid $1.97 for this neat little device. I'll give more detail on it tomorrow or Thursday, but here is a quick bath pic to show before and after. These are both SOOC, with no adjustments.

Here is the BEFORE photo, auto white balance. See how nasty and yellow? Our current bathroom has no natural light.


And this is after. Again, no adjustment save for switching to custom WB and taking a snapshot through this new item.


The color isn't perfect, but it's a WHOLE lot better. So far it was worth the $2 I spent to get it :)

I have to add a disclaimer here, since it's obvious that both photos are the same. I shoot RAW, which means I can choose auto WB from adobe camera raw. So the first shot you are seeing the choice of auto WB through camera raw. The second shot is using the custom white balance set to my new tool.


Amanda November 3, 2010 at 12:31 PM  

I want one of those and I have so much more to learn.

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