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Friday, January 21, 2011

P52 - week 3

This week was rough. It was one of those weeks when you just want to skip to the end so that you can curl up in bed and sleep for about 15 hours.
We got MORE snow, and it's been so cold the poor ponies have icicles hanging off their coats. Icicles that simply didn't want to come off. Last night it was well below zero, and all I could think about was the horses outside in the knee-deep snow.
There have been more tantrums than usual, more fighting, and today I spent over 4 hours battling what I'm now sure was an allergic reaction to something I ate. I could feel my throat swelling and I could barely talk or swallow. The doctor diagnosed me with strep throat (without a strep test), but about four hours after it began my symptoms mysteriously disappeared. Odd.

Although the tough times stick out the most, we had some good ones as well. When my parents came to visit we headed to Chuck-e-cheese. A place where the kids are guaranteed to have a good time. I was just happy the power didn't go out, like it did on our last visit.

No, I didn't point out to Gwen that her tights didn't even come close to matching her dress. Sometimes you just let it go. Notice my dad's gold and blue shirt to the right of the photo. It was the day of Mountaineer basketball game, and they won :)


Lex was so engrossed in looking through this head thing he forgot to put a coin in the game to play it.


This is Hunter's favorite game, and at any given time you can see him swaying side to side, standing up, or leaning back. Too funny.


The only child that would go near Chuck-e-cheese was Hunter


And Miss Callie riding her fire truck. She was in love with all the riding toys.


I took all the kiddos so the boys could got hair cuts. And yes, people were staring at me (and Gwen) snapping pictures in Great Clips. At least it was the point and shoot, and not my monstrous Canon.



While the boys were busy, Miss Callie slept in my lap. I realize she looks uncomfortable, but as soon as I moved her she woke up.


After one incredibly difficult work day, I collapsed on the floor and watched a funny movie. Within a few minutes Callie had fallen asleep beside me. I couldn't help but snap a picture.


Her face shows says it all. Peace, warmth, relaxation.

Hopefully after next week, my face will show the same thing.


Ginger@From The Cocoon January 22, 2011 at 6:12 AM  

Way to go...so proud of you for sticking with your P52 :)

I love the picture of Callie sleeping...

...and Gwen's tights? I love it!!

I also take my camera everywhere (my big Nikon...lol) and I'm trying to get used to people staring at me like I'm crazy...it's usually my family..ROFL

Have an incredible weekend :)

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