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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Good Friday

Today was one of those days.
The sky was so blue it hurt to look at it, the weather was clean and crisp, and every once in a while I caught the scent of woodsmoke on the breeze. I stood outside in the midst of autumn, and listened to the chattering of the squirrels getting ready for winter. The distant whinny of a horse. The wind skittering dry leaves across the ground. And smiled.
I love Fridays.
This morning, after dropping off the big kids at school, I spent the day with the littles. We headed out to a playdate at the gym where Lex and Callie jumped on trampolines and catapulted into a foam pit. They even got to play parachute, and as I watched Lex dance around underneath the colorful fabric I was transported back to elementary school. I could almost smell the crayons and glue, hear the giggles of my friends and the distant ringing of the bell.
Then I treated them to McDonalds where their Happy Meals were served in Halloween buckets. They were so cool I wanted one for myself.
After we got back home I hoped beyond hope that Callie would take a nap. She asked to go in her crib, and I waited to see if she would lay down. Nope, not happening.

So I gave up and spent some time turning the kids into airplanes, and stalking them around the house like a bear. Of course that meant laundry wasn't getting done, but that's okay. I'm so far behind I'll never catch up anyway.

After we picked up the 'Bigs', we headed back outside to enjoy the leaves.

I tried hard to get some pics of Callie wearing her headband, but that girl doesn't like to have things on her head.

We fed the ponies, and then I headed inside to make dinner with Callie.

When Callie got fussy I solved her issues with a cup of chocolate milk. That's what I love about the age of my kids, they can be happy with a bit of something sweet. Hopefully it will always be that easy. Happy now, she made fried grapes in her little kitchen while I finished the pork lo mien.

After I called the kids back inside and we ate, it was movie night with a bucket of popcorn that the three older ones devoured. At the end of the movie, like usual, I carried three of them to bed.

So it was a good Friday, and it only could have been made better by Kevin being here to share it with us. But he's training this weekend, the first of many coming our way.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be just as good :)


Keri October 15, 2010 at 8:46 PM  

That looks like a wonderful day!

Can I just say I'm loving your big pictures? Beautiful!

mindi October 16, 2010 at 6:27 AM  

Thanks! I'm loving them too, but I'm still working on the actual photography issues :D

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