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Welcome to the hectic years

Hi, I'm Mindi.

And this is our Hectic Life.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today Was -

Sunday School in the morning, complete with pumpkin cookies and some good conversation.
A mad dash to clean the house so the kids could get to watch "Scooby Doo and The Curse of The Lake Monster"
Being outside in this perfect fall weather, rubbing the long soft coats of my favorite horses, and watching Hunter push Callie in the swing as she giggled uncontrollably.
Being surprised when Kevin walked through the door early after his weekend away, and getting a much needed afternoon nap.
Clean Laundry.
Sitting together as a family in the dining room with the windows open. Listening to the birds, the soft nicker of the horses in the background, shouts from kids down the road. Eating good food, enjoyed by even better company.

Of course that is a truncated version of our day, eliminating the difficulties of cooking dinner with a clingy baby, refereeing fights between the kids, and attempting to get all four kiddos out the door in time for Sunday School. Not an easy task if I say so myself. But years from now I won't remember the messy house, the floors that need vacuumed, and the pile of mail on the counter. What I will remember is spending time together as a family, watching the boys wrestle on the living room floor, and snuggling with my baby as she nestles in my arms.
Our life isn't easy, but no one ever said it was going to be . . .


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